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 *A New Idea for an RP (suggestions?)

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PostSubject: *A New Idea for an RP (suggestions?)   Tue Apr 27, 2010 7:57 pm

Hey, Admin again, biyotches! XD How would you like a classic detective RP? This is a suggestion forum for any RPs you want to see on the site. Screw PM; those are for wusses! So, what do you think of that? Gimme in depth stuff. If you can't come up with anything, I can give you a skeleton:

Time Period set in:
Alternate Universe?: Yes/No

Ooh, so amazing! XD Nawt, but I just want to know the basics. From there, we can develop other things.

Basically, and open discussion topic. Let your ideas roll; I know you all have millions.

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PostSubject: Re: *A New Idea for an RP (suggestions?)   Tue Apr 27, 2010 8:04 pm

A detective RP sounds very creative. I want to make a suggestion along those lines using your handy 'skeleton':

Name: Sleuth
Subject: Detectives/The Supernatural
Description: A detective (and his/her crew?) are working on solving a string of mystery crimes they call 'White Noise'. While this is happening, they come across and underground race of freaks of nature (eg: nymphs, nekos, half-breeds, werewolves, vampires, etc). They then deal with their new setting in the supernatural world, and what would happen if they were to betray its secrets to the general public...
Time Period set in: present/late 1990s.
Alternate Universe?: Yes or no. It totally depends... Realistic settings or not?
Characteristics: Society is basically set up as usual, but the underground creatures usually linger after dark or in dark alleys and bars. Nobody knows about the supernaturals.
Layout: A large city or something (didn't really know what you meant by layout)
Other: Not much to say except the detectives are part of a modern police force. Project 'White Noise' does end up with an underground culprit.

Good or bad evolvementation of this plot? I enjoy sleuth and mysteries as much as the next... L... Haha?
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*A New Idea for an RP (suggestions?)
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