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 SasuNaru: A Matchmaker's Tune

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PostSubject: SasuNaru: A Matchmaker's Tune   Fri Jul 10, 2009 12:21 am

A Matchmaker's Tune

Summary:When Sasuke runs into a matchmaker and paves his love life, what if he's out of his comfort zone?
Sasuke stumbles across a matchmaker and choses for the matchmaking crest to chose his lover that will stay with him for the rest of his life. But the result he gets is shocking, as well as against his morales and normal attitude. Neglecting to tell anyone about it, he keeps it a secret for as long as possible. But what happens when the lover finds out? Will they agree to move on or stay together?

Submitter Notes: I do not own Naruto, but the matchmaker and the matchmaking crest indeed belond to the genius behind the keyboard. The whole idea of the story is the question; is fate really inevitable? Or can we neglect it and make our own paths?

Now, for the story!
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PostSubject: Re: SasuNaru: A Matchmaker's Tune   Fri Jul 10, 2009 12:23 am

Paving Destiny

Unlike any other morning in Konoha, when Sasuke had awoken that morning he had looked out his window to see fellow rookies gathered around a mobile stall with wonders on it, the girls screaming "Me next!" and "I hope I get Sasuke-kun!" He groaned and decided to get ready for the day and ignore the caravan.

Stepping outside, he looked around, finding his gaze trailing over to the stall again. He snapped his head away, popping his neck involuntarily. Rubbing it with his hand, he walked down the street to officially start his day.

With everything he did, though, he found his curiosity for the caravan and what it was about deepen and become more passionate. No matter how hard he fought the thoughts, he knew he was going to end up like the guys and girls that were crowding it already. Curiosity was killing him.

Finally giving up on himself, he walked around town until he found it. The owner wore a hat similar to an Akatsuki's, but it was less elaborate and older looking. They also wore a cloak, but it was all black. The nature of their face, though the top part was hidden to Sasuke's eyes, was troublesome and very full of life.

"Ah," They said in an accent he was unfamiliar to. Well at least he figured out it was a woman. "I know something you want. You were not drawn here by the crowd, but by destiny."

All the fangirls turned to Sasuke, making him want to sneer. But he stayed silent. He noted the people there; Sakura, Ino, a bunch of others he didn't remember because he just didn't care, Shikamaru, Chouji, and among them all, Naruto. He was widely smiling at his friend.

"Sasuke!" He said, dragging Sasuke's wrist closer to the stall. "She's a matchmaker, and a genius!"

"Genius?!" Ino bellowed at the blonde boy, making him want to shrink and disappear. "She paired me with Shikamaru!"

Sasuke chuckled. The matchmaker was only doing it for entertainment, clearly spying on everyone and rigging her stall to make them despise one another. If Sasuke had the time he would've done it too.

He looked at the matchmaker's face for confirmation; She had an eerie smile on her face, the top half still a mystery to him, but she wasn't giving him proof it was a game. She was almost serious looking, like when Kakashi lies.

He shivered, Naruto hitting him on the back. "C'mon, you try, Sasuke! Just spin the handle here and a card will come out with your true lover's name on it."

"Then," The matchmaker finished for him. "You must wait ten years for it to begin effect. The overall effect will take 3 years, so you'll have 13 years to find your perfect match and stay close to them. The ending is inevitable; I am setting the course for the rest of your life. Shall you chose your destiny or make me chose it for you?"

Sasuke was about to rant about how it was a waste of time trying to trick his 'friends,' but, for some reason, he just took the handle and spun it, making the fangirls gasp. A card popped out, and he heard a small chuckle coming from the matchmaker.

"Who is it, Sasuke?!" Sakura yelled in anxiety, when Sasuke had yet to even touch the card. When he did finally reach for it, hesitantly, it was warm, the ink on the other side oozing off of the paper. It was clearly an old machine, Sasuke decided. He flipped the paper.
The ink instantly dried as soon as he set his eyes on it, and he glared at the matchmaker; her smile was almost torturing for him to see. Did she really pave his future love life? He shoved the card into his pocket and began walking away.

"Who was it?" Naruto said.

"This is just a child's game," He said. "I've got better things to do."

Everyone around the matchmaker was in an uproar. The girls were arguing about who was on the card and the boys were arguing on shutting up the girls. The only one truly watching Sasuke walk away was the matchmaker, her golden eyes finally clear behind her hat.


It was late at night, and Sasuke was sitting on his rooftop, looking at the stars. He'd been so obsessed with the card all day, and he wanted to just forget it. But it still tugged at his mind. He was glad he was alone, and he pulled it out of his pocket, looking at it again. The writing was the same. He read it over and over again, firming the name in his mind. Just then, a knock came from his door below, making him fumble the card in his hands. When he finally caught it he put it back in his pocket and jumped down behind the person at the door. It was the matchmaker.

"You are Sasuke, yes?" She asked, making him nod. She was smiling that eerie smile again. "Ah, I had a feeling you had doubts as to the person's name on the card. You accepted this destiny when I'd warned you of consequences."

"But this--" Sasuke said, pulling out the card, but she shushed him.

"Was unexpected? Expect the unexpected, as you educated ones always say! Be smarter than I. This is your destiny. It is inevitable now. I am sorry, but I learned my trade from a true matchmaker. I know for sure that this," She said, curling his fingers around the card. Her hands were terribly cold. "Is all the work of Kami."

He just stared at her smile, wanting to see the eyes behind the mask. "What if I need your help?"

"I come with every other full moon," She said. "In two months, you'll find me."

"What if I need your help immediately?"

"Look for clues," She said, still smiling. "You'll hear them."

She began humming as she waved to him, going back to the street and pulling her caravan behind her. While she tugged the creaking wood, he listened to a small tinkling noise coming from the back. A music box, he decided, and shoved the card in his pocket once again, being sure to horribly neglect it on purpose. He wouldn't believe it, couldn't believe it, and shouldn't believe it. He was taught what the card said not to do.

He sat on his bed, not even bothering to change. Maybe she was telling him to go against his normal daily life. Dare to dream, as someone once told him.
Standing up, he grabbed the card and put it in the top drawer of his bureau, laying on his bed, and falling asleep instantly. He had no dreams, but he could hear only one thing; the soft tinkling of the music box's melody.

Thanks for reading, I got this idea when making pictures and collages. R&R, if it sucks, don't bother commenting or rating. Tell me of any mistakes and I'll fix 'em, trust me! Help is truly appreciated, as long as you tell it to me nicely.
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PostSubject: Re: SasuNaru: A Matchmaker's Tune   Fri Jul 10, 2009 12:41 am

Squee-ness! This is such an original idea! I love the matchmaker!
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PostSubject: Re: SasuNaru: A Matchmaker's Tune   Fri Jul 10, 2009 12:52 am

Just a Child's game?! Sasuke-sama... You have no idea what you've done!
Post the next chappie soon!
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PostSubject: Re: SasuNaru: A Matchmaker's Tune   Fri Jul 10, 2009 1:50 am


The next day, Sasuke got up with hopes that the matchmaker was gone. He hesitantly looked out his window; no crowded streets full of his peers. Sighing of relief, he fell back on his bed. Was it all some kind of distant trick? He felt his eyes looking back at the bureau's top drawer.

The card.

His eyes widened and he remembered that dreadful name on it. He growled slightly to himself, as if trying to scare it away. This would be in his nightmares, he decided, and got up, trying to ignore it.

Sasuke stepped oustide again, only to feel two slender arms wrap around his neck. He instantly recognized who they belonged to: The horribly malnourished Ino.

"So, Sasuke," She said, trying to sound attractive. Sasuke felt like puking. "Who was on the card? It was me, wasn't it?"

"No," Sasuke said. Ino's arms loosened. He was grateful he was telling the truth. "I have to go."

And with that he left Ino behind.

Around noon another girl grabbed his hand and asked him the same question. Sakura Haruno. Again he forced another harsh no out of his system. And, again, he was telling the truth.

By the time it was sundown, almost all the girls asked him if it was them. And he always answered no to every single one.

Sakura and Ino had called a meeting in the park to see who Sasuke picked.

"Alright, who asked Sasuke if they were his match?!" Ino yelled. Almost everyone raised their hand. Sakura tallied the names down and then pointed to one name on the bottom of the list. Ino's eyes widened.

"We found his girl!!" Sakura yelled.

"Who took my Sasuke-kun?!" One girl yelled.


Everyone's eyes centered on the girl in the middle of the crowd, who turned red with the attention.

"Me?" She asked. "But that's not right. Naruto-kun already told me he'd gotten me..."
She was then surrounded by hugs for the oaf finally noticing her.

You are all going to hate me for this story, so I'm discontinuing it. Thanks for reading anyways. Maybe if you beg, I'll be nice and continue.

Good news: I've decided to continue on your behalf. Seems like I got enough people on fanilb to beg so I guess I'll continue.

Though, from afar, Sasuke could hear the girls clamoring over him, he knew that it wasn't Hinata, either. The name on the card belonged to someone he despised with all of his heart, someone who he wished would disappear at times. Someone who was a friend to him and an enemy. Someone...

Who was rounding the corner in front of Sasuke. It was hard to believe that he would find that grin on their face charming in 10 years. But, then again, maybe it would happen sooner. He was only 13.

"Hey, Sasuke!"

Sasuke couldn't believe the name on the card belonged to that person in front of him.

"Aren't you going to say hi back, teme?"

Sasuke smirked.


Sasuke had to spit out the name that was on the card.


If you hate gay couples, now would be a good time to leave. Comments and ratings are always appreciated, as well as productive feedback. Sorry if I disappointed anybody.
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PostSubject: Re: SasuNaru: A Matchmaker's Tune   Fri Jul 10, 2009 2:44 pm

Though Sasuke had no idea why he was paired with the baka, he couldn't help but feel a tinge of jealousy when Naruto said he'd gotten Hinata on his card.

He and Naruto were enjoying some ramen outside Ichiraku's, just sitting on the stools and talking. Well, Sasuke was only eating, and Naruto was eating and talking at the same time.

"So, who'd you get?" Naruto asked.

"Get on what?" Sasuke asked, taking a bite of his ramen.

"The card, teme!" Naruto replied, and Sasuke choked on his ramen. He began to cough, finally getting that out of his system. He looked at Naruto, who's sapphire eyes were gleaming with curiousity.

What was he supposed to do? Lie, and have the girl he said trail him? Or tell Naruto the truth and have him run away? Maybe he could get himself out of this by distracting the baka. More ramen would do it... But Sasuke begged for Naruto to know! It killed him to not tell him. Slowly gathering up the courage with his mental pep-talks, Sasuke was about to answer, honestly, what was on his card--

All of a sudden, he heard it. The tinkling of a small music box was dancing on the air, the notes hitting soft spots in Sasuke's memories. He remembered a hat quite like the Akatsuki's, a long black robe, dark, stringy hair and golden eyes, blackened, unkempt teeth gleaming at him in a mischevious smile...

The matchmaker. It was her song.

Sasuke jumped up from his seat and paid, running onto the street. She was back early! Maybe she could help him...
He couldn't track the music easily, though; it was leading him to dark, confusing alleys, and places he'd never been in Konoha before. Pretty soon he seemed lost, the music coming from everywhere. He was in a squared alley; four directions to go, including back. He tried going forwards; the music was slowly dying down the farther he went.

He turned back and went to his right; the music was once again dying down. What was she doing to him?!

He went the last possible way to go; the music stayed steady. He kept going, the air thickening with mist. The mist sort of stung his eyes, and he closed them, rubbing them harshly. The sting was getting stronger the farther he went. She was trying to kill him.

He kept going, his eyes squeezed shut; but breathing was getting harder and harder, and he was wheezing in no time. Unable to see and unable to breathe, he fell to his knees, clutching his throat and coughing as hard as he could. He felt like he was shrivelling and dying. All he could hear were a million soft voices reading poetry to him;

The matchmaker never drives you wrong
You follow in earnest, listening to her song
Though hearts uncertain, covered in frost
You must believe you are not lost
For you have found what you came for
Just stand up and knock on her door
And if your heart is unclean and unkempt'd
Just remember not to be tempted
By dark thoughts and thinking things
You'll know what peace she brings

Sasuke laid down on the ground, wheezing, his eyes barely open. He was dying, unable to move, unable to respond. All he could do was think. And so he began to believe;

You're here. You found her, Sasuke. You're here! Get up and knock on her door! She's inside her house! Just go ask if you can speak to her for a while! You're here!

It wasn't only his voice. It was the voices who had first read the poetry to him.

You're here! You're here, Sasuke! You're here! YOU'RE HERE!!!

He slammed his eyes shut and tried to stop the screaming in his mind. Finally, he gave up, hearing them as they got louder and louder, deafening him.


Sasuke couldn't take it anymore. With all the strength he had, he yelled at the top of his lungs:

"I'M HERE!!!"

And with that, he closed his eyes, panting.

All of a sudden, the back of his eyelids were red. He got warm all over, and wasn't laying on the dirt roads anymore; he was laying on something soft, something wet; it was dewy grass. He could breathe, too. He got up, no longer weak, and opened his eyes.

He was on top of a mountain; the view below amazing. He looked around; there was a cottage nearby, smoke coming out of it's quaint chimney. There was a garden and four trees. A few peanut plants grew alongside the windows, as Sasuke could see. A willow sat nearby the edge of the cliff, and hanging from it were a few robes, all black. Where was he?

"My home," Replied the matchmaker, jumping down from the willow. "I'm glad you could make it."

The matchmaker walked to the edge of the cliff, looking over it with glowing eyes. Sasuke walked next to her, only looking at her.

"I know what you came for," She said. "And I suggest, if you wish not to scare him away, do what you think is right. I'm afraid, no matter what you do, you'll have him."

"Yes, I knew that," Sasuke said. "But why me? Why do I have to have this burden?"

The matchmaker pulled the robes off the tree. "What burden?"


The matchmaker smiled, laughing. "I didn't say you were." She walked up to him. "I said that your love life was paved from here on in, and you accepted the consequences. Now, remember... If you hear my tune, follow it..." She shoved him off the mountain, and he fell backwards, flipping through the air. He lost consciousness, still trying to see the matchmaker as she watched him fall...

"Sasuke? Sasuke?!" Sasuke sat up, looking around; he was in the alley again, on the ground. Naruto was next to him. "Geez Sasuke, you just ran off all of a sudden. Are you alright? What happened?"

"Damn that goddamned bitch..." Sasuke said, standing up and dusting himself off. He couldn't hear the tingling of the tune anymore. "Nothing, baka." And with that, Sasuke walked off.

"Hey! Wait a minute," Naruto yelled, running up to Sasuke and shoving him into the alley wall. He pinned him there by his shoulders. "You can't just run after nothing, pass out, and not tell me why!! There has to be a reason!! What the hell happened to you in that alley, Sasuke?!"

"I saw the matchmaker," Sasuke lied. "I thought I got my fortune wrong, and she did some kind of mojo that made me pass out. Nothing more, nothing less."

Naruto unpinned him. "Really?"


"Geez, what a bitch," Naruto said, walking out of the alley.

Sasuke sighed, happy he got Naruto off his back. Just as he was about to leave, he was once again pinned to the wall.

"What the--?!" Sasuke was shocked to see an angry matchmaker pinning him to the wall, her usually mischevious eyes gleaming with rage.

"I took the blame for you this time, Sasuke," The matchmaker said. "But it has it's prices. If you don't make a move in 3 days, I'll be sure you'll die in 2 months' time."


"Don't forget it was me who chose to give you hints, me who chose to save you. Or what it means if you neglect your future." She tossed him to the ground, straddling him and leaning down on him. Before he could protest, she kissed him. She then evaporated, leaving him on the ground again.

"What the hell was that?" Sasuke asked, sitting up. All of a sudden, he felt a pain on the bottom of his jaw. He went home and looked in the mirror: It was a dark mark, looking like a fuzzy music note.

"Damn her..." Sasuke said. "Damn her to hell..."

When you laugh, I will laugh. When you cry, I will cry. When you jump out of a window... I will laugh.
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PostSubject: Re: SasuNaru: A Matchmaker's Tune   Fri Jul 10, 2009 2:52 pm

Sasuke woke up the following morning, almost able to forget what happened the previous night. Key word; almost. Sighing, and rubbing his jaw where his scar was, he got up, stretching himself. He got dressed and skipped breakfast, walking outside to find the sun was hot on his shoulders. It was a day warmer than usual, but nothing was usual anymore.
Ever since he'd run into that damn Matchmaker and all hell broke loose. He chuckled to himself. He'd gotten out of the stage where 'it was just a dream.' Yeah, because him becoming gay was, before this, any type of fucked up dream.

He locked his door and looked around. He had to search for Naruto, and begin making a move, otherwise-- Wait a minute!

Did he even really believe her? She couldn't do that, could she? All that machine of hers could do on her caravan was make matches, not decide destiny. Of course, if he wanted a pep talk on destiny, he could just simply go to Neji. And he didn't need one.

Sasuke didn't feel like denying it, though, because with every step he took away from Ichiraku's (for that was where Naruto almost ALWAYS was), the scar burned more and more. At one point he was hissing through his teeth and felt like someone was branding his jaw.

Before long, he was headed to Ichiraku's, wanting to ignore the pain more than anything but finding that impossible under the circumstances that it hurt like hell. He walked towards Ichiraku's, seeing the blonde menace pigging out on his favorite dish. Sasuke sat next to him, ordering for himself. Naruto smiled at Sasuke, noodles hanging out of his mouth. Sasuke's eyes widened for a moment, then softened as he smiled at his friend.

Naruto's eyes widened as well at his friend's odd behavior, and he slurped up his noodles. "Sasuke, are you okay?" He asked, mouth no longer full.

"Yeah," Sasuke said. "Why wouldn't I be?"

"It's just... Never mind."

Sasuke's food was set in front of him and he ate slowly, glancing at Naruto every once and a while. Naruto would catch him staring at a point or two, and Sasuke would look away, timid and shy. Naruto was weirded out.

Sasuke got up and paid, preparing to leave, when Naruto stopped him.

"Sasuke--" He said, and Sasuke turned around, a glint of hope in his eyes.

"What is it?" He asked in his usual monotone.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Naruto asked. "You've been acting strange lately, and I want to know what's going on."

"It's nothing," Sasuke said, and turned to leave, when Naruto noticed the musical note-shaped scar under his jaw. Naruto grabbed his hand and pulled him towards him, looking at the strange scar.

"What's this, Sasuke?" Naruto asked, and Sasuke tried to jerk away.

"It's nothing, really, just a burn mark," Sasuke said.

"It looks strangely like a... Musical note," Naruto said. "It's not nothing, Sasuke. I know what nothing is, and that isn't it."

"Way to go, Genius," Sasuke snapped. "You should live in a lamp."

Naruto glared at him. "I just want to know what's going on with you, Sasuke." He seethed. "First of all, you act really weird to me at Ichiraku's. Then you run off and pass out in an alley, with an excuse I'm starting to think was faulty. Then, you won't stop staring at me, and now I find this­--" Naruto stroked the mark with a finger, making Sasuke's legs turn to jelly and his mark tingle. "And you won't tell me about it. C'mon Sasuke, I'm here to help you and you keep tossing me away!"

Sasuke grabbed Naruto's hand and made him let go of him. However, he didn't let go of Naruto. He just kind of stood there, his thumb tracing a circle on the back of Naruto's palm. He was numbing with every second he stood there, holding his hand.

Naruto's eyes widened considerably. He glanced down at his hand and Sasuke's, and then back at Sasuke, who was bright red and looking down. Sasuke let go of Naruto's hand.

"I just don't think you'd be willing to help me, Naruto," Sasuke said, looking away.

"But I want to, Sasuke," He said, and Sasuke was shocked. "No matter what it is, no matter how dangerous, I'll do anything to help you."

Sasuke looked back at Naruto; he had a soft look in his eyes, and all honesty was surfaced. He meant every word.

Sasuke made up his mind. "Alright," He said. "I'll tell you what the problem is, but you can choose if you want to help me or not."

Naruto smiled. "Of course I'd want to help, teme," He replied.

Sasuke beckoned Naruto to stand up, and he did. "You'll have to come to where I keep it," He said, and he began to walk.

"Where are we going, Sasuke?" Naruto asked.

"My home," He replied.

The walk there was silent and awkward. Sasuke was acting more and more unusual and shy. They finally arrived at his home, and, as he fumbled for his keys, he was distracted by the tingling of his jaw, like when Naruto touched it.

He unlocked the door and led Naruto up to his room. He sat Naruto on his bed and opened the top drawer of his bureau. He took out the card, reading the firmented name on it. Then he sighed and turned to Naruto.

"This," He said, holding it up so that the name was hidden. "Is my problem."

Naruto's eyes widened. "Who'd you get?"

Sasuke's heart was beating quickly, his mind racing with questions that needed desperate answering.

"Who'd you get on yours?" Sasuke asked.

Naruto pulled the card out of his pocket and looked at it. Then he gulped. Sasuke inturrupted just before Naruto could reply.

"How about we swap cards?" He replied. "Same time."

They handed their cards to one another and shakily accepted them. Then, Sasuke hesitantly flipped over the card; It read...


Naruto looked at Sasuke with a shock in his eyes. Sasuke looked saddened and tired, really.

"I told you, you wouldn't want to help me," Sasuke said, and Naruto was frozen.

Naruto opened his mouth to speak, but it was a few seconds before he said anything.

"I-I'll just leave..." He replied, and they swapped cards again, Naruto walking slowly out of the room. He turned back to the room in the doorway and once again opened his mouth, but Sasuke just smiled, the look in his eyes still sad and proving his smile was false. He waved a hand at Naruto and said simply; "Go on."

Naruto closed his mouth and left without saying another word. Sasuke, meanwhile, was exhausted; his adrenaline was racing through his body no longer, and he felt heavy with fatigue and laden with tears. Yet he couldn't cry; he didn't want to.

Sasuke laid on his bed and flipped the card restlessly in his fingers. He couldn't stop the saddening thoughts of rejection.

Not enough room!

When you laugh, I will laugh. When you cry, I will cry. When you jump out of a window... I will laugh.
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PostSubject: Re: SasuNaru: A Matchmaker's Tune   Fri Jul 10, 2009 2:52 pm


The day before the day that Sasuke was going to die had come, and he and Naruto still hadn't spoken. Sasuke, after getting his work done, didn't wander around town: He locked himself inside his house, looking at the card and simply accepting fate.

Until someone knocked on his door. Sasuke got off his bed and went to answer it; he was shocked to see that it was Naruto. "We need to talk."

Sasuke numbly nodded and let Naruto inside. They sat down at his table in the dining room. Sasuke nervously replaced the card into his pocket.

Finally, after seemingly hours of silence, Naruto spoke.

"Do you really believe her?"

Sasuke looked up at Naruto with surprise written all over his face, but Naruto's face was stern. "Well, do you?"

"Honestly..." Sasuke said. "Yes, I do."

Naruto grunted and looked away. "You're acting as if this is such a big deal," He said. "All it is, is a trick! A scam! She's a scam-artist, just wanting to get amusement out of us."

Sasuke shook his head. "I'm not going to lie, I thought so at first," He said. "But when she gave me this," He said, gesturing to the musical note; it was becoming less and less fuzzy. The more time he wasted, the closer he was to dying. "I knew she was being serious."

"What does that stand for, anyways?" Naruto asked. "You'll turn into a songbird if you don't do it?"

"It'll kill me," He replied, and Naruto froze in place. He looked back up at Sasuke, as if searching for a lie; there was no lie. Sad to say, Sasuke had accepted fate long enough ago to know that it was true.

"You can't be serious," Naruto said. Sasuke shook his head.

"I am serious," He replied. "I've already accepted fate."

"And when will this kill you?"

"Tomorrow," Sasuke replied and Naruto stood up abruptly and left.

"This is ridiculous," He murmured before closing the door.

Sasuke sighed and leaned back in his chair, once again taking out the card. Once again, rejection had bitten him. But this time, he felt no need to cry, and no want; he was going to die anyways, that part was inevitable, even if the curse was the one who buried him 6 feet under.

Sasuke went upstairs and discarded all of his clothing, save his shorts, and slid into bed. It was already 9 at night, and he wanted to be sure he died in sleep. His adrenaline was running fast; he didn't know whether or not the curse was going to kill him before his fright did.

He kept flipping, tossing, and turning in bed for what seemed like hours, and then he looked a the clock again; it was now 11:30. He sighed; only thirty minutes until he bit it. He might as well have gone asleep, and closed his eyes to do so--

He heard a thump from downstairs. He sat up in bed and, instantly, drew a kunai from under his mattress. He stood up and walked to his door slowly, testing his feet to be sure not to find the creaking floorboard, pressing his ear to the door and listening intently before opening it and looking out; he could spot a dark flash; someone was moving in his dining room. He quietly walked down his stairs and towards the dining room, lingering by the end of the stairs. Peaking around the corner to see who it was, he noticed they were pacing more than anything else. Maybe they were biding their time or planning a way to harm him. Before he could potentially see who it was, they slipped and fell, and Sasuke turned on the lights and pounced on them, straddling them--

"Hey, teme! Whatchit!"


The blonde hair boy struggled underneath him.

Sasuke was confused. He lowered his kunai, eyes wide as dinner plates. "What are you doing in my dining room, baka?"

"I left something here, alright! Get off me!"

"What'd you leave?" Sasuke asked.

"Something, alright?! Now get off!"

Naruto shoved Sasuke off of him, rolling sideways and helping himself up lazily before deciding to look Sasuke in the eye. Sasuke, who'd fallen on his ass, stood up and brushed himself off. It took Naruto a moment before realizing that Sasuke was looking around for anything that he didn't recognize; anything Naruto had left. What Naruto didn't know was that Sasuke was also waiting for him to move towards anything.

"Aren't you going to look for it?" Sasuke asked, and Naruto just looked down at his feet, putting his hands behind his back. How to explain..?

"Well... To tell the truth..."

But Naruto's nerve wasn't as fast as Sasuke's brain. "You didn't leave anything here, did you?" He asked.

Naruto just looked around, trying to avoid Sasuke's gaze. Sasuke's eyes widened even further still. "You didn't leave anything here. If you didn't leave anything, why are you here? And so late, no less?"

Naruto looked up at Sasuke, the look in his eyes making Sasuke inaudibly gasp; his eyes were pleading, his face caught in a depressing expression that looked like an odd mixture of pleading, loss, and anxiety. "Alright," He said. "Ya caught me. It's just that... I thought that, well, if you're dying, I oughta see you one last time... After all, you were my teme..."

Sasuke smiled, finally tucking the kunai away. But his smile wasn't like his normal smirk; it wasn't even a smile of amusement. It was just a sad smile, like he knew the axe was going to fall, and was accepting it. "Alright," He said, his tone hiding his unconscious sadness very well. "What do you want to do? Play cards?"

"No," Naruto replied weakly, and he walked up to Sasuke and hugged him, grasping him tightly. Sasuke wanted to recoil, to ask him what the hell was wrong, but he was frozen as Naruto continued his words of sadness. "I don't want you to die, Sasuke," He continued. "I wanna help."

Sasuke, at first, didn't catch where he was going. Want to help? With what? And then realization hit him in the head with a sake bottle; it was their discussion yesterday. He wanted to help rid him of his problem. Sasuke didn't know how to respond. Should he shoo the baka away and wish him a nice life, like he would've normally done? Like the normal Uchiha prodigy would've done? Or would he comfort his friend and accept his offer, glad to save his life and ditch his pride? In the end, Sasuke decided; he sighed and hugged Naruto back, pulling him close, feeling the smaller boy in his arms shaking with body-racking sobs.


"I don't want you to die, Sasuke," Nauto repeated, looking up at Sasuke. His eyes were like deep, endless oceans of the deepest blue, flecked with the reflection of the stars. And the tears streaming out of them were waterfalls of a lighter blue, making Sasuke feel a slight sadness. He put on his sad smile again, and wiped away his friend's tears. Then he realized how close he was to Naruto, and felt himself lost; for words, for actions, he had no idea what to do.

Finally, he pulled Naruto close and rested his lips against Naruto's neck, kissing softly. He smelled his friend; aside from his normal ramen smell, he smelled good, to Sasuke's surprise. "I accept your help," He said between kisses. Naruto fell into Sasuke, tilting his head back and allowing Sasuke to kiss his neck fully. Sasuke worked up the courage to kiss his neck a bit more, then kiss upward to his jaw, down his jawline, once on his lower cheek and then kiss his lips. Naruto's arms went limp, falling to his sides, his eyes closed peacefully as he allowed Sasuke to do whatever he pleased. Sasuke nibbled at Naruto's lips, and he opened, and Sasuke had a taste of Naruto.

Sasuke felt a tingle on his jaw, but ignored it as he fell into sweet bliss. In this world he had concocted using only Naruto, he could feel his body shiver as he was surrounded by silk, and could taste sweet cotton candy and could dive in sweet, strawberry-flavored water. Here was where he wanted to stay; where he was surrounded by delights of the most bittersweet kind. But he didn't want to be alone. No, he'd share this world with the one that helped him make it. As they finally broke apart for breath, Sasuke looked away. He felt foolish; Naruto didn't feel anything for him. It was only a way to help him. Still, he tried to explain himself for getting a bit carried away.

"Naruto, I--"

"I understand," Naruto replied. His smile was warm, his eyes glazed over. He looked like he'd just enjoyed a thorough make-out with Sakura. He leaned in for another kiss, sliding his arms around Sasuke's naked neck... Until his eyes widened. "Sasuke, your mark! It's gone!" He kept his arms hooked around Sasuke's neck.

Sasuke felt his jaw; where the curse would've been, there was normal skin; no more curse, bulging out of his skin like a benign tumor. He no longer felt the throbbing of pain that so often occured when he touched it.

"So..." Sasuke said, looking into those big, blue orbs that reminded Sasuke so much of the sky on a beautiful day, or the ocean in all it's calm, untamable beauty. "I guess you'll be going home?"

Naruto smiled sweetly, pulling himself closer to Sasuke by his neck. He rested his head against Sasuke's shoulder. "Actually..." He said, hesitantly pressing his hand against Sasuke's chest. It's warmth delighted him; it proved he didn't have a frozen heart of ice.

"I was hoping I could spend the night."

Sasuke could see himself taking advantage of Naruto, and thought about it for a while, but, if he could control himself, like he always could, he would be of no harm to him, and eventually let him stay.

"Thanks," Naruto said, kissing Sasuke's cheek as he bounded, happily, into the kitchen, leaving Sasuke to stand there, frozen, smiling to himself. He felt unnaturally warm inside, and he didn't know why. Still, he walked in a laid-back fashion to his kitchen, seeing Naruto sitting on a counter, eating ice-cream he'd found in the freezer. Apparently, he'd also found the spoons. He gave Sasuke a smile around the spoon.

"You know," Sasuke said, leaning against his wall casually. "You don't have to do that anymore."

"Do what?" Naruto asked, mouth full of ice cream. He looked at Sasuke as if he'd just laid an egg.

"Kiss me," He said. "You don't have to kiss me anymore. The curse is broken, you saw that yourself."

"I noticed," Naruto said. "But I just..." He filled his mouth with another scoop of ice-cream, and Sasuke knew he wasn't going to tell him why he did it any time soon.

Sasuke's smirk was reappearing, and Naruto merely looked down at the ice-cream he was eating.

It feels like my head is on fire. Just saying.

"Sorry, teme, I don't know why I did it," He lied, and he looked back at Sasuke, who's eyebrow was raised. Sasuke could've probed further, but he didn't. Instead, he sat on a counter across from the one Naruto was sitting on.

"So how'd you learn how to get into my house?"

"I remembered where you kept your keys," Naruto said. "The right spare one, not the ones that set off the traps you set up."

"So you didn't look--"

"Under the flower pot, under the mat, on top of the doorway, or under the loose part of the railing. I looked for that small knot in the tree nearby, the one that you press the middle of it in and it opens up that small place where you hide your key."

"How'd you know--?" Sasuke asked, not surprised, but curious.

"I saw ya once, teme," Naruto replied.

Sakura and Ino were preparing, in front of Sasuke's apartment, to knock on his door and give him a pep-talk, for, lately, they'd seen how down he was.

"I'll go first," Sakura said, and Ino grimaced.

"Good luck, billboard brow," Ino insulted, but Sakura brushed it off and straightened out her tunic before leaning forward and raising a fist to knock. But when she did--

The door opened, and Sasuke and Naruto walked outside, Naruto smiling at her and Sasuke smirking.

"Thanks for everything, Naruto," Sasuke said, and Naruto nodded.

"Thanks." Naruto said, and he bounded off before Sasuke could ask anything, nodding to Sakura before doing so.

And Sakura turned to talk to Sasuke, but his door was shut.

When you laugh, I will laugh. When you cry, I will cry. When you jump out of a window... I will laugh.
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PostSubject: Re: SasuNaru: A Matchmaker's Tune   Fri Jul 10, 2009 11:51 pm

Hey Killer,I got bored so I read your story and it was freaking awsome!
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You got so bored you had to read her story...? Nice-ness.
I read it and it totally rocked! Please don't keep us waiting forever, alright?
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SasuNaru: A Matchmaker's Tune
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