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 Okay, so i had this idea...

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PostSubject: Okay, so i had this idea...   Wed May 05, 2010 7:02 pm

i was playing world of warcraft today and a sudden RP idea came to mind...

Okay.. what if.. it was about the Darkness? the reasons its there and the soilders of the dark? and who rules the dark? are there "civilians" of the dark? Now.. becuase of my personal....encounters with my own.. ' darkness' and this idea tieing into it, i thought it would be a pretty kewl RP... but.. with my luck, i'll get shot down with alot of bashing.. So heres how it is..

The King of the Darkness is Darkside from kingdom hearts 2, right? except he talks and he doesnt have a huge heart cut out of his body. His soliders of the Dark are the minions.. like pawns in the game chess? but theres kinda like the Shadows from kingdom hearts aswell. But Darkness has its stronger forces, like what i would like to call " The Pure ones". The pure ones would kinda be like the organization from KH2 BUT THERE NOT The pure ones can be us?!!? like we make our own charcter person as a pure one, or if not, you can make a civilian or an innkeeper, or whatever. But to get back to the main point. The pure ones are dressed in formal black wear, but not all tux n dresses, just kinda loose clothing but professionally (( or how'd yu prefer - i know i may not make sense, but hang in here with me )) and THEY are the ones who go around serving the Darkness. Darkness is its own form but it can come in alot of ways, Darkness can be a person or object, or just shadows in ally ways, Darkness is the head of all evil and thyself, Darkness MADE Darkside, and Darkside MADE his minions, and TURNED Eilte people from the light to The Pure Ones.

The story as follows weather your religous or not: The spiritual energies who made Earth had to make Darkness and Light. Darkness and Light were mashed together to form a planet that can hold living life forms. As the life forms lived out what was made for them, humankind was made and population grew and some people were nice, while others were mean. Thus, the separation of Darkness and Light was starting to form. As this was happening, other forms of life were being created. These new forms were either 'scary and unnatural' to the people already living there, or 'unique nd interesting' These new forms of people had certain aspects and/or characteristics to them that made the people think that way. Some of the new forms came with wings attached to them, or certain markings on their body, or a weird glow to there hands unless their coverd, etc.. These new forms would be the Elite forms for the Darkness.

As for the Light, new forms came with a godly glow, or feel [vibe] and was always super nice to everyone. they always had a motherly personality. The Queen of the Light would be a complete oppisite of Darkside. Big n scary but White, not black, and it had a softer, higher pitched tone of vocie, then Darkside. The light's elite persons would be named " The Almighty ones". Actual Light would be in the form of nature mainly, just like Darkness but more clinging to Nature, like waterfalls, or wind blowing in the trees to make the whistling noise. The lights minions would be the shadows but pure white, not black, and etc..

In Darkness is the State of..Xemoxiegon (( Xem- ox- e- gone)) with a bunch of little cities and towns and wut not inside(( those will be made up IN the actual RP if ever made)) In Light is the state of... Crempolice(( Cr- im- Police)) with its cities n towns inside. Darkside is eager to aquire more territory, his goal is to make everyone in the light suffer, little does Darkside know, Darkness cannot live without light. So why doesn't Darkness stop Darkside? Well.. we'd have to RP it teh find out! The Light version of Darkside is named Brightside((duh, incase yu were wondering)). The light only has one goal: Make peace - love everyone.

Okay.. so thats basicly it... uhmm.. if yu have any questions, OR if you have any ideas to add on to make it even more amazing, PLZ PLZ tell me, so we can make it awesome together. And if yu'd like to try out this RP with me, i'd like you to notify me straightway so i can talk to the Admin n get this party started =]

~ Fluffy ~
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Okay, so i had this idea...
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