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 Naruto: A Killer's Dream, A Hero's Nightmare

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PostSubject: Naruto: A Killer's Dream, A Hero's Nightmare   Fri Aug 07, 2009 6:57 pm

A Killer's Dream, A Hero's Nightmare
What would be a killer's dream would be a hero's nightmare...
In the dark of the night, Haku and Orochimaru face off...

Alright, so I wrote this eons ago. I hope you like it. It's a total gore fic, rated M, for bloody blood-ness. It's one of those fanfictions that pairs up two incredibly different shinobi and faces them off in a fight to the death. Don't worry, he didn't just appear and say 'fight me!', like Gai would. He showed up, prepared with a reason to take the other into battle. It all ends in tears.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.

WARNING: No romance. Gore-tastic! Rated M for gore. Canon death.

When you laugh, I will laugh. When you cry, I will cry. When you jump out of a window... I will laugh.
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Posts : 337
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Age : 323
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PostSubject: Re: Naruto: A Killer's Dream, A Hero's Nightmare   Fri Aug 07, 2009 7:06 pm

A Killer's Dream, A Hero's Nightmare
Written By: 禁断の愛, AKA Sonohaku Datenshi
Beta'd By: 禁断の愛, AKA Sonohaku Datenshi

The moon rose high in the sky, it's shine bending the shadows into strange creatures that prowled only when the full moon was high. The trees became animals, waving around and singing in the midnight breeze, happy to be free. Haku, alone in the forest, knew this was when the demons came out to play. He heard a twig snap; but thanks to the trees, it echoed everywhere, origin untracable. He looked around; who else would be in the forest at this hour?

"Zabuza-sama?" Haku asked. He was horribly humble to the man, but found it necessary if he was ever going to repay the debt to him. The debt of saving his life from the villagers who wished him for dead.

An evil laugh cackled through the forest, the birds that were nesting in the trees flying away. Haku felt his stomach do flips in his abdomen, and suddenly his head swirled. Whoever was behind that sadistic laugh was the most evil man Haku would ever know, he could feel it.

"Who are you?!" Haku yelled, forcing firmness into his quivering voice. Their laugh was now reduced to a mere chuckle, and the eyes of a snake were peering at Haku, as if they could see underneath his skin. Haku drew senbon and put them in between his fingers.

"So you're the one who they wanted to kill," the man hissed. Haku hoped it wasn't a snake. "The one Momochi raised..."

"What do you want with Zabuza-sama?!" Haku yelled, and the snake laughed again.

"I don't want anything to do with him." Again, it was a hissing noise. "It's you I want."

Haku felt his brain swirl, and his vision blurred, making him nauseous. He stayed standing in his position, hoping to scare it off.

No avail.

"Who are you?!" Haku nearly screamed, scared out of his mind. "Show yourself!!"

The man chuckled yet again. "As you wish," he said, and stepped into the bright moonlight.

The man's skin was dead pale, purple lines streaming down under his eyes. He had long black hair, and was wearing a huge purple rope around his stomach, with a tunic of a khaki color, green pants and black ninja shoes.

Haku felt faint. He did not only sound evil; he looked evil. It was most likely he was evil.

"Who are you?" Haku asked.

"Orochimaru," the man stated plainly, and Haku bit his lip to keep from screaming. The legendary Sannin wanted him. But why?

"What do you need from me?" Haku asked.

"Join me," Orochimaru said. Haku instantly knew he couldn't leave.

"No," Haku said, still holding up his guard. "I have to stay with Zabuza-sama."

"How about this, then," the Sannin said, walking around Haku in a circle. "We fight. If I win, you come with me. If I lose, I leave you and Zabuza alone."

"Deal," Haku spat.

Instantly, the Sannin was making hand signs. "Summoning Jutsu!" he shouted, and serpents came out of his fingertips. They hissed, and began to snap at Haku. Haku jumped in the air to dodge the attacks, throwing senbon at the snakes. They disapperated in a puff of smoke. Haku landed on the ground, his heart racing.

Orochimaru ran at Haku, drawing a kunai. They began to fight, kunai against senbon. Haku held back the kunai with one of his hands. He used the other to strike at Orochimaru, who jumped backwards and made hand signs, his neck lengthening, his tongue stretching a long distance.

Haku's eyes widened. That was the true potential of a Sannin? He wasn't sure if Orochimaru was actually human.

Orochimaru began to strike at Haku, trying to bite him. Haku held up his arm, taking the bite in it, before yanking on the Sannin's neck, making him stumble. Haku ran towards the Sannin's unguarded body and began slashing at it, succeeding in only ripping the fabric before Orochimaru's head was back in place.

Orochimaru grabbed Haku's wrist as he struck and twisted it, causing him to drop his senbon. As Haku struck with the other arm, he did the same thing. Orochimaru dropped his kunai and kicked Haku, sending the ninja flying in the air, only to land on his feet again and run at Orochimaru with an intense speed, grabbing his shoulder and shoving it backwards, making the Sannin bend backwards. Haku ran behind him and kneed his neck, causing the Sannin to scream in pain.

Haku jumped forwards, over Orochimaru, and watched as he stood up, completely unharmed from the attack. He grabbed his jaw and cracked it back into place, smirking evilly.

"Is that all you have, Haku?" Orochimaru asked, running at him, drawing another kunai. Haku had his own cards up his sleeves, and twirled out of the way, the bun on the back of his head cut open, releasing his long black hair. Haku twirled again, turning to face Orochimaru in the process and projecting three senbon, which were blocked by one kunai that Orochimaru threw. The Sannin ran at Haku and tried to punch him, unsuccessful as Haku's speed helped him dodge with ease.

If only he could get the Sannin nearby water. Haku suddenly had an idea, and began to run in the direction of the bridge, hearing Orochimaru following.

Upon arrival, Haku was relieved to by surrounded by water. But that relief was soon forgotten when Orochimaru pounced on Haku and they rolled across the bridge, Orochimaru ending up on top of Haku. Haku took out a senbon just as Orochimaru stretched his ugly jaws to bite, and Haku stabbed under his jaw, making the Sannin shriek in displeasure. Haku kicked Orochimaru off of him and stood up, drawing three senbon in each hand and placing them strategically between his fingers.

Orochimaru stopped shrieking and pulled out the senbon, watching as it desintegrated in his hand. With that devilish smirk on his bony face, Orochimaru rushed at Haku. Time seemed to pause as Haku made hand signs with an incredible speed.

"Crystal Ice Mirrors!" Haku yelled, and the mirrors appeared, Haku stepping inside the ice. His reflection was all around Orochimaru. To Haku's surprise, he was laughing.

"This is amazing!" Orochimaru said. He summoned a sword and cut straight through the ice mirror in front of him. Haku got out of his own mirror, unable to run as he watched Orochimaru obliterate his strongest jutsu with seemingly effortless blows. Haku shakily held the senbon in his fingers still, watching as the Sannin blew through the last ice mirror and ran at Haku, dropping the sword. He delt a punch in Haku's stomach, making the boy gasp in pain. Another punch, and another, and another...

Blow after blow, Orochimaru sent Haku high in the air, landing on his feet as Haku fell to the ground. Haku felt warm blood coming up his throat, and he hoisted himself on his arms, coughing and coughing until the copper liquid fell out of his mouth, dotting the pavement beneath him. He felt so weak now, so useless... What use did Zabuza have for him if he wasn't strong? The thought of disappointing Zabuza made Haku strong again, and he got up and raced at Orochimaru with his newfound strength. Haku began to stab senbon into the body of the snake lord and listened to his grunting until he ran out of senbon. He was smiling, ready to finish off the snake.

Orochimaru was on the ground, coughing up blood and panting, bleeding from everywhere, with so many senbon in him he looked like a porcupine.

Haku drew a kunai and kept his smirk straight, approaching the Sannin.

"Are you ready to die, Orochimaru?" he asked, preparing the final plunge. Just as he began to stab him--

Something happened faster than he could comprehend.

In a split second, Orochimaru had grabbed the kunai, switched it's course, and stabbed Haku's heart with it. Haku gasped in pain and fell to the ground, Orochimaru weakly getting up.

"It appears you won't survive," Orochimaru hissed. "What use do I have of you if you're dead?"

He took the barely conscious Haku in his arms and walked to the edge of the bridge. Haku knew what he was going to do, and tried to protest, but words never came.

"This water is where you belong," Orochimaru said, dropping the body.

Haku could feel himself falling, and he hit the water, his eyes squeezed shut. He watched as Orochimaru walked away, and screamed, trying to move his body. He could just barely move, and it wasn't enough to take him up to the surface. He felt himself beginning to choke on water, and he listened to the words flashing through his head...

'Protect someone precious to you...'

His own words.

With the last of his breath, Haku said one final word.

"Z-Za... Bu... Za..."


A/N: Wow, that was.. Wow. I re-read it, only because I had to beta it. And.. Wow.

When you laugh, I will laugh. When you cry, I will cry. When you jump out of a window... I will laugh.
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Naruto: A Killer's Dream, A Hero's Nightmare
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