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 **Neko Adoption Center** (run by Admin)

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PostSubject: **Neko Adoption Center** (run by Admin)   Mon Aug 10, 2009 3:28 am


*You walk into the shop to notice a girl with long, blue hair standing behind a counter, a cat sitting atop her head. A pair of ears mounted themselves there, though you could tell they weren't Neko ears.*

I'm the proprietor of this shop! Welcome to my Neko Adoption Center! If you want to see the Nekos, feel free to browse! I've made sure to stock up on Nekos, so you won't be disappointed! PM me if you want to reserve a Neko for yourself or if you want to adopt! Mind you, you can adopt 2 Nekos maximum. I may raise the number eventually, but for now, it's only 2.

Unless if you've come to drop off a Neko. PM me about that, too.

Have fun browsing! Boys are listed first, then girls. It's all in alphabetical order, for your convenience!

We've already adopted out Sasuke, Gamu, Kaji, Ryu No U-Shiva, Kau and Shounen, but there are plenty other kitty cats looking for good homes!

Name: Boku
Age: 14
Current Mood: Smiley
Personality: Happy, Lively
Birthday: February 2nd
Biography: Boku was first found on the steps of the adoption center, where we took him in and treated him the way he was born to be treated. He was bred from his parents in an old apartment run by a man who did drugs. He ran away, though, and tried to work to get his mother out of there, but soon came across the startling fact she died. We did all we could and finally had the fiend arrested. But Boku did not get discouraged at the loss of his mother. He claims he lives to serve and finds great joy in bringing presents to people and doing errands. If you like cooperative and appreciative cats, he's the friend for you.
Adopted By: ----

Name: Gamu
Age: 14
Current Mood: Bored
Personality: Charismatic, Intelligent
Birthday: October 4th
Biography: Gamu was first found on a street corner: He had made a life for himself, but he was not in good health. In exchange for moving in, we tended to him (don't ask how that works out), and now he's in perfect health. He's a great person to talk with and can strike up great conversations. Intelligent as he is clean, he will make sure you're always entertained and never lonely. If you like charismatic cats, he's the friend for you.
Adopted By: Sabaku no Kimi

Name: Jino
Age: 18
Current Mood: Lazy
Personality: Entertaining, Perverse
Birthday: July 10th
Biography: Jino lingered on street corners, but not for the same reasons as Gamu. We dragged him by force to this place, where he indulged no secrets as to where he came from. All we know is that he fancies a good girl and a Jagermeister now and then. We are trying to train him not to drink the Jagermeisters (they make him sick). If you love a cat who loves to party, he's the feline for you. *gets attacked*
Adopted By: ----

Name: Kaji
Age: 4
Current Mood: Curious
Personality: Curious, Serious
Birthday: June 30th
Biography: One of the few actual purebred cats here, Kaji was stuck in our chimney during the fall and we got him out safely. When we found he had no home-- for some of our Nekos can speak to cats fluently, like Gamu-- we housed him here. He's proven to be a very grown-up little kitten, giving off the impression he lives alone. Gamu took a special interest in him, though nobody knows why. He loves to play with balls of yarn, though, so have one especially for him! (He likes red ones!) If you like loyal, respectful cats, Kaji is your soul mate!
Adopted By: Sabaku no Kimi

Name: Kau
Age: 15
Current Mood: Smiley
Personality: Joking, Hysterical
Birthday: April 1st
Biography: We found Kau on a farm, and named him Kau because of it. Kau was first heard when a few men who bought the abandoned farm tore it down to make a new one. Kau came out before they burned the rotting wood, leaving him homeless. The kind construction men brought him here, though, and we took care of him ever since. He's known to be a joker, and a prankster, always getting the better of most people. He needs a really keen owner who can sense the bucket atop the doorway and the soap on the stairs. If you like laid-back cats, he's the cat for you!
Adopted By: Bristles

Name: Naito
Age: 16
Current Mood: Sarcastic
Personality: Respectful, Irritable
Birthday: December 15th
Biography: Naito came knocking on the door and requested lodgings, which we allowed him. He said all the homes he had been in neglected him, and has scars to prove it. We're looking for a loving home for him; someone who can convince him that he really is loved. If you like cats who speak their minds (at the appropriate times; we're trying to teach him that) then Naito is the kitty for you! *dodges blow*
Adopted By: ----

Name: Prince Gai
Age: 16
Current Mood: Loving
Personality: Humble, Caring
Birthday: May 4th
Biography: Prince Gai ran away from his high heritage at a nearby mansion, where he was merely named Prince. He now calls himself Gai, but we still recognize his princely manner because he cares for everyone he meets. If you enjoy affectionate cats, Prince Gai will be the perfect playmate for you!
Adopted By: ----

Name: Ryu No U-Shiva
Age: 15
Current Mood: Content
Personality: Nice, Protective
Birthday: Unknown
Biography: Ryu doesn't go by his 'No U-Shiva' every time you say it; he isn't as proper as other felines we house. Ryu once had a family, but they suddenly disappeared. We took him in here and are currently searching for his family, but we cannot take them in if we find them; they were inus, and therefore don't belong here. However, we will do our best to restore him to his family. Besides his family, he is a protective Neko that will keep rude people at bay with his sharp intelligence (and claws). If you like friendly cats, Ryu is the Neko for you!
Adopted By: Shali

Name: Sasuke Uchiha
Age: 12
Current Mood: S/nappy
Personality: Cocky, Egotistic
Birthday: July 23rd
Biography: Sasuke life is a sob story everybody knows. It's not worth typing. If you like egotistic, boring little cats that you will grow to despise, little Sasuke-kun is the kitty for you! *pets Sasuke's head, much to his dislike*
Adopted By: Pitch Black Sephiroth

Name: Shounen
Age: 14
Current Mood: Impassive
Personality: Seductive, Curious
Birthday: "Every day is a day to celebrate, love." ...Unknown?
Biography: Shounen belonged to a mad scientist who was run out of town (claims he was called Mr. O, but we doubt that severely) and had been experimented on. What effects those experiments had on him, though, is above us all. However, he does happen to wish to sway his masters (he's tried it on me on more than 1 occasion) and has gotten very good at it. He calls everyone 'love', so jealous owners are not advised to own him! If you want a cat that'll promise you a good love life (GUARENTEED, OR YOU CAN RETURN HIM!!), Shounen is definitely the bishounen for you.
Adopted By: Admin

Name: Sora
Age: 13
Current Mood: Content
Personality: Honorable, Happy
Birthday: April 23rd
Biography: Often seen dancing, Sora knows exactly how to live. He's delighted by the simplest of presents and promises to never bring you creepy dead things. Very good at showing emotion, he's a great listener, and once he ties bonds with others, you cannot break them. If you like loyal, caring cats, Sora is the kitty for you.
Adopted By: ----

*The girl crosses over the room and stands next to the bulletin board, looking at them with you. The orange cat on her head-- you now identify it as Kaji-- is staring at you with red eyes. The woman's ear twitches.*

If you don't like the boys, you can always look at my girls.

*She points to another bulletin board across the room. Seeing no harm in examining the other Nekos, you trail over to look at the other bulletin board, hearing the girl's feet padding up to stand next to you. You can hear some sort of big tail swishing, and you look back to see a blue bushy tail swishing behind the girl. Identifying her as an Inu, you looked back at the bulletin board.*

I am aware some of my pictures may come from actual Anime/Manga series. I do not apologize, for this is completely intentional; I use as many pictures as I can find, to make a better variety. If it disturbs any of you, you don't adopt that particular Neko.

When you laugh, I will laugh. When you cry, I will cry. When you jump out of a window... I will laugh.
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**Neko Adoption Center** (run by Admin)
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