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 Rules of the Neighborhood

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What is your opinion of the Neighborhood?
Good idea!
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Ehh, it's iffy.
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I don't like it.
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PostSubject: Rules of the Neighborhood   Mon Aug 10, 2009 3:39 am

Here are a few rules you should follow when in the Neighborhood:

~No adopted animals leave the Neighborhood. (You may discuss them, yes, don't RP them.)
~You can create your own flat/apt/house as a new topic. You will get visitors.
~If you adopt anything, it goes to your flat. You can take it anywhere in the neighborhood. But don't drag it out onto the actual forums.
~Visitors, it would be prudent of you to KNOCK FIRST.
~If there is any neglect, the adoption agencies will know. THEY ALWAYS KNOW.
~If you still don't understand how the Neighborhood works, I shall have Kimi, Sosa, or Panda-kun demonstrate. Or, if none of them appear soon, I will demonstrate myself.
~General Forum rules apply.
~No Godmodding. You can't control other animals/people.
~I AM GOD. Meaning if your Neko is doing something bad, I have a right to go zappy and make it reappear in the adoption agency with no recollection of you.

I may post more rules later. Until then, seeya!

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Rules of the Neighborhood
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