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 )(The Golden Cauldron)( [[Run By Admin]]

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PostSubject: )(The Golden Cauldron)( [[Run By Admin]]   Mon Aug 10, 2009 4:05 am

*Upon enterance, you see a nature-themed cafe rather than the bland place you were expecting. Every single thing in the cafe was made from a living thing; and was still living, from the way that vine coiled around your hand to pull you further in.*


*You look up to see a blue haired girl with blue ears; the same girl from the Neko Adoption Center. Except this time, there was no cat resting atop her head.*

"Feel free to come up to the counter and order or do what you please here!"

*The vine lets your hand go.*

When you laugh, I will laugh. When you cry, I will cry. When you jump out of a window... I will laugh.
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PostSubject: Re: )(The Golden Cauldron)( [[Run By Admin]]   Mon Aug 24, 2009 10:41 am

"Wow what a place." *Walks up to the counter in glancing about in awe*

"Do you serve Bloody Mary's here or is that asking too much??"

*continues glancing about the place*
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)(The Golden Cauldron)( [[Run By Admin]]
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