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 So, You Wanna Make A Shop? (Shop Instructions)

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PostSubject: So, You Wanna Make A Shop? (Shop Instructions)   Mon Aug 10, 2009 4:43 am

So, you wanna make a shop?

Admin assigned me the dismal task of teaching you how to make a shop, should you chose to make one. sunny

Alright, now, here is a list of things I've been requested to teach you:

-How to begin a shop
-How to make your shop interesting
-Currency and how it works (this will also show up on the general information topic)
-Requesting Jobs
-And transactions.

All important shit will be highlighted yellow. (for those of you who skim.)

Beginning a Shop

Beginning a Shop is like starting a topic; everyone's done it. You simply click the icon that says 'New Topic' when rolled over and type your shop's title at the top. When that's done, type a general explanation of your shop's functions (what is sold, what it's for, etc, etc). Then, click send.

Viola! (I think.) You created your shop.

But isn't it a bit.. I don't know, dismal compared to other shops? Not to worry, friend. The next section is made to remedy that.

Up The Ante

Making a shop interesting is the funnest part (in my opinion). You get to change your shop name, add yourself as a shopkeeper, and add some flare to that shop to make it real competition to The Neko Adoption Center. (Don't see how, though, unless you adopt out dragons of some sort.)

If you've already published your shop and want to change the name, simply edit your first post and rename it at the top. The Neko Adoption Center is my prime example, so I shall show you how it's link looks.

When retaining all its dignity and getting rid of the information at the end of it, The Neko Adoption Center usually shows its link like this:

**The Neko Adoption Center**

Notice the stars giving off its importance. It's good to add on a bit of flare, but not too much. You don't want to go overboard:

**~~&&♥️The Neko Adoption Center♥️&&~~**

That is mad insane, totally unnecessary.

See how most of your friends make their names on Myspace? Yeah, don't do that. That's the no-no.

Don't overdo it. Keep it modest and subtle.

Another good thing to do to your shop is to describe the inside and describe the shopkeeper.

Here's what went on in The Neko Adoption Center:

Quote :

*You walk into the shop to notice a girl with long, blue hair standing behind a counter, a cat sitting atop her head. A pair of ears mounted themselves there, though you could tell they weren't Neko ears.*

I'm the proprietor of this shop! Welcome to my Neko Adoption Center! If you want to see the Nekos, feel free to browse! I've made sure to stock up on Nekos, so you won't be disappointed! PM me if you want to reserve a Neko for yourself or if you want to adopt!

Unless if you've come to drop off a Neko. PM me about that, too.

Have fun browsing! Boys are listed first, then girls. It's all in alphabetical order, for your convenience!

Though that was void of nearly all description (she described a counter), she welcomed you by introducing you to the employee and what her wares were. And she kept it interesting by listing all the positive things about her shop.

She also explained her system; PMing information back and forth is the cleanest way to go. Better than messily scribbling orders over the forum.

She also lists her information in a smooth manner; very tidy and neat:

Quote :

Name: Boku
Age: 14
Current Mood: Smiley
Personality: Happy, Lively
Birthday: February 2nd
Biography: Boku was first found on the steps of the adoption center, where we took him in and treated him the way he was born to be treated. He was bred from his parents in an old apartment run by a man who did drugs. He ran away, though, and tried to work to get his mother out of there, but soon came across the startling fact she died. We did all we could and finally had the fiend arrested. But Boku did not get discouraged at the loss of his mother. He claims he lives to serve and finds great joy in bringing presents to people and doing errands. If you like cooperative and appreciative cats, he's the friend for you.
Adopted By: ----

Giving all the information you can about objects is a good way to turn. A creative description helps sell what you want to get rid of.

Those are just a few of the many ways you can make a shop seem worthwhile walking in to.


Everybody starts out with infinite currency; meaning, you never run out of ryo. (The currency is Ryo, like in UN1.) However, if you wish to work for a living (to pass time or mingle with others who visit the shop), you may PM the Admin saying so.

Requesting Jobs

There are a few ways you can request a job.

If you want to start the job and seem like you joined before the Neighborhood came into light, PM the owner of the shop asking if they have extra work.

If you want to start the job like a public announcement, go ahead and ask when you walk in the door!


It's like giving money to a guy at a cash register; hand him the monies and walk away!

But you have to at least explain that you're giving them some kind of payment; even asterisk motions will do, though Admin prefers this whole neighborhood be played like some kind of RP. Semi-Literate to Literate is a preference. Either way, you need to put somewhere in the post you're paying the person, otherwise you might as well get caught stealing; a penalty which is punishable by taking the item and another item of yours (if no items, then a Neko, maybe) and putting them back in the shop from whence they came!

Stealing is bad!

This is all I can teach you. Fare well.


Love is like a game of poker; once you fold, you feel much better...
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So, You Wanna Make A Shop? (Shop Instructions)
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