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 Squee's House of >.< (run by Panda-kun)

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Gaara's Little Panda-kun


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PostSubject: Squee's House of >.< (run by Panda-kun)   Tue Aug 11, 2009 9:31 am

Konnichiwa! Yokoso!

*A girl holding a bunch of plushies bounds towards you, and all you can see is plushies. You consider running away.*

This is my shop of plushies! Cute little figurines you'll love until the day you die! I have as many fandoms as I could stock up on at the moment, so you'll just have to wait if you want a specific one! I also take requests; just PM them to me! Feel free to order on this topic!

*She bounces back behind the counter, snuggling a plushie that looks faintly like Raichu. It's hard to tell with her cheek smushed over it.*

Pikachu Plushie
Stock: 5
Price: 20 Ryo

Special Kawaii Charmander Plushie
Stock: 2
Price: 100 Ryo

Imported Squirtle Plushie
(Not sold anywhere but Japan!)
Stock: 4
Price: 25 Ryo

Itachi Plushie
Stock: 6
Price: 15 Ryo

Kisame Plushie
Stock: 9
Price: 15 Ryo

Special Kawaii Kakashi Plushie
Stock: 1 (oh, noes!)
Price: 300 Ryo

And thusly it ends: Depression seeps in on a lonely messiah. Now he drinks with the lepers. Losing a limb, his better half: A glass once half full, a head hung half-mast. He claims he's the victim strangled by the nine-to-five and a pattern of stillness that haunted this still life. And that's how you thrive. Your sorrow's your goldmine. So write some sad song about me. Screaming your agonies, playing the saint. The Martyr.
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Squee's House of >.< (run by Panda-kun)
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