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 The double shop. Buy art, or maybe a chunk of the universe, maybe?

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PostSubject: The double shop. Buy art, or maybe a chunk of the universe, maybe?   Fri Aug 14, 2009 9:58 am

You enter a shop, and the walls are covered in pictures. Tons of pictures, most involving Neko's or Inu's. Some involve Hogwarts. And others involve webcomic's. And there are some snake people. Everything is anime, you notice. A girl stands behind the counter, smiling. "Welcome! You wish to buy art, yes? Anime style? You've come to the right place!"

Beside her, on the other half, is a 14 year old boy, with a small room for his unusual shop, that he had to find a special place for. He sells mini-universes, as says the sign over the mini-shop. The piece of paper on the wall by his door says this:
Dragonfire's wonderful little shop of wonders! Buy a chunk of your galaxy, or maybe the star wars one? Perhaps I can interest you in a webcomic?Buy a bit of this universe or the next, buy two bits and get the third free! Note, the galaxy around this planet has been bought by Lucifer de Satan. Each tern of the galaxy is for sale for 10000, the price is high because there are lots of inhabited worlds, and I have to pay each government separately to prevent chaos. You can get empty space between galaxies for 5000, and webcomic universe chunks vary, according to the amount of characters in the bought area. Other universe pieces are 6000 a tenth, no change, this includes game universe, and the nether dimensions, such as H***, and other Nethers. Note the shopkeeper is mute, but don't do anything stupid, mention it to him, his disorder is special, and he doesn't like to be bothered about it. At all.
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The double shop. Buy art, or maybe a chunk of the universe, maybe?
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