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 Prankster Palace

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PostSubject: Prankster Palace   Sat Aug 15, 2009 3:52 am

You enter and look around the shop, briefly seeing the following; large stacks of boxes of every color and size, roman candles burning off in the back, an upstairs level with nothing on it, and a blocked off staircase. Then, of course, you were tackled.

Instantly, the person gets off of you and runs after whatever was about to hit you, neglecting any apologies and screaming at the thing in question to 'stop at once' and a few profanities. A few moments later, though, and you hear a click. Suddenly, all is silent.

The person returns to you, his hair, which would seem to be normally combed, completely disheveled. Wearing a purple suit, he looked like Willy Wonka.

"You will have to excuse that, of course," he said, smiling brightly at you. "One of my latest pranks fooled even me." He let out a half-psychotic laugh that made you question his sanity. Then, he led you into the shop.

Getting a closer view of the boxes, you noticed they were decorated with stars and swirly patterns, giving off a childish sense. The colors mostly inhabiting the room were variations of orange and purple, though it somehow evened out the place to be so. He led you to the counter and slid behind it, smiling at you once again.

"Welcome to the Prankster Palace, home to some of the most original prank items. You can buy one-uses, classics, and much, much more! Right now we're having a sale on Rubber Chickens, they didn't go out as fast as I presumed. I need to get rid of it, anyway, to make shelfspace for what you just saw flying through the air, there. That was a Ballistic Bouncy Ball; the bouncy ball with a conscience!" He continued to smile at you, making you believe you weren't safe.

"Bounce it once, it'll think it's a mistake," he said. "Bounce it twice, you're clumsy; it's a semi-forgiving ball. But bounce it a third time..." He jumped up, hoisting himself on the counter with his arms and getting in your face. "WATCH OUT!!"

He settled back down and leaned backwards on his heels. "But please, do pawn my wares," he said thoughtfully. "I'm thinking of a new prank. Oh, and the upstairs is forbidden; that's where I'm putting the newer part of my store: Magic." A twinkle in his eye, and he was suddenly gone.
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Prankster Palace
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