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 •Thë Chëshirë Cåt•

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PostSubject: •Thë Chëshirë Cåt•   Sat Aug 15, 2009 4:39 am

What a Face

You enter the room expecting no less than what it was: The room was purple and dark, and smoke floated in the air, though, smelling it, you knew it was not cigarette smoke, but smoke from an incense. Though the room was dark, you could make out the mahogany wooden floor, with two places on each side of you for people to sit. Up a small staircase to a platform, you could see the bar. A small, ancient projector on each side of the bar ticked, showing movies on the walls next to the door.

Behind the bar was a man with dark brown hair and black eyes. He gave off a hate-the-world vibe as he looked at you, his eyes endless orbs of nothingness. With his pale skin, it was obvious he was either gothic or an albino. He was wiping clean a shotglass and looking you in the eye.

"Evening," he said, his voice raspy, and he turned back to his shotglass.
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•Thë Chëshirë Cåt•
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